Yoga Elastic Bands Loop Expander

Color: Orange
Size: 2080mm * 4.5mm * 19mm
Sale price$26.31


1. You can train with resistance bands to lose weight and build muscle;

2. You can do stretching exercise to warm up with resistance bands;

3. It can effectively improve your muscle, physical activity and flexibility;

Product Parameters:

Material: latex

Size (length x width x height ) 

2080mm * 4.5mm * 6.4mm ---- blue 

2080mm * 4.5mm * 13mm ---- red 

2080mm * 4.5mm * 19mm ---- green 

2080mm * 4, 5mm * 21mm ---- black 

2080mm * 4.5mm * 32mm ---- purple

2080mm * 4.5mm * 45mm ---- green

500mm * 0.9mm * 50mm ----- gray

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