Portable Cross Volleybal Net Tennis Badminton Square

Color: S
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  • Square Net 1mx0.3m S
  • Our four-way net is adjustable for men's, women's, and children's regulation heights.
  • The pole is not included in the package Because you need to pay extra expensive, and the net can be replaced with any wooden pole, iron or other support in the home, and it can even be tied to the branch with a rope to support our cross-shaped net!
  • FAST-PACED FUN - In the yard, on the beach, or anywhere else you want, you can play whenever and wherever you want. Let's create a game that’s non-stop fun!
  • QUICK SET UP - Sets up in minutes with a friend And very stable without shaking.
  • ADJUSTABLE NET - Choose men's or women's regulation height to make the game as challenging as you want. No matter what your age or skill set, the Four-Square Volleyball Game is fun for the entire family.
  • PORTABLE - Take it with you to any outdoor event! The net can be supported with wooden sticks, iron bars or even ropes. As long as there are suitable conditions, it can be used anywhere!
  • Size:S:1X0.3m single,L:1.5X0.5m single

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