Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Agility Training Ladder

Color: 10m 20Rung
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Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Agility Training Ladder for Fitness

Size: rung length 50cm, width 3.7cm, thickness 2mm 

Material: PP all new material, no smell, no glitch 

Color: yellow rungs with black straps 

Product application: football, basketball, badminton, rugby ball, track and field training, etc.


1. High quality, ultra-strong ladder suitable for warm-up, or high speed endurance controlled plyometrics. 

2. Increase the length of the ladder by clipping another ladder to the end. 

3. Each ladder is supplied in a drawstring bag. 

4. Durable design makes it last for at least 5 years 

5. Adjustable distance between rungs 6. Durable nylon straps

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