Mini Foldable Greenhouse

Size: 300x100x100CM
Sale price$172.29


Mini Foldable Greenhouse Mini Pop Up Grow House Garden Indoor Outdoor Backyard Protector Portable Gardening Plant Shelter Bullet Points:1、Multiple Zipper Door: The multiple zipper door for easy access and ventilation.2、Transparent Plastic Protective Layer: The transparent plastic protective layer keeps plants from all kinds of weather conditions while nourishing important sunlight.3、Long and Compact: The greenhouse warm house is perfect for balconies, terraces, gardens and distribution areas.4、Nails and Windproof Ropes: Distribution of ground nails and windproof ropes for more stable.5、Ready to Use: With the length of 200*100*100cm, 300*100*100cm and 500*100*100cm, the greenhouse warm house is not need to be assembled and ready to use.Features:The 14 environmental protection PE wire is anti-aging.It is equipped with ground nails and windproof ropes to enhance the stability and performance. It has a multiple zipper design and good ventilation.Strong tear resistanceSupport rod, 10cm PE coated, oxford reinforced break resistant clothThe bottom is 20cm oxford cloth block.Specifications:Name: Collapsible Portable GreenhouseMaterial: transparent PE and fiberglassWeight(about): 2000g, 3000g, 4000gSize(about): 2*1*1m/78.74*39.37*39.37in3*1*1m/118.11*39.37*39.37in5*1*1m.

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