Fitness Resistance Bands

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Multifunctional & Portable

Our bands can apply to different types exercise. Perfect for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc.

Also comes with convenient travel pouch!

5 Color Exercise Bands

Yellow (10 lbs.), Blue (20 lbs.), Green (30 lbs.), Black (40 lbs.), Red(50 lbs.).

All exercise bands are 36" in length, and can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs.

Highest Quality Materials

Resistance band is made of durable good rubber bands.

Strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity, steel metal buckle for stronger strength, non-slip handle, comfortable and absorbent.

Personal Home Gym

This resistance band set includes five exercise bands, five loop bands, one door anchor, two cushioned handles ,carrying case and user manual to allow you to perform the widest variety of resistance training exercises possible at home.

You can also take your bands to Gym, Office, and even workout on vacation!

Packing List:

100LBS100LBS ( 10LB/15LB/20LB/25LB/30LB)

With TPE material, no weight scale on it.

Packing List:

150LBS150LBS ( 10LB/20LB/30LB/40LB/50LB)

With durable good rubber tube, and Weight scale on it.

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