Fishing Reel BS2000 Baitcasting

Color: BS2000 with spool
Size: Right Hand
Sale price$37.26


+ 8.1:1 Super High Gear Ratio,more faster than the normal baitcasting reel.

+ 8KG Drag,strong unloading force is suitable for fishing bigger fish.

+ The thickened gear body improves the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the fishing reel.

+ The 24-position adjustable linearity makes the control more flexible and convenient.

+ SIC ceramic guide ring,makes retracting line smoother, wear-resistant and heat-resistant, and it is not easy to damage the fishing line.

+ Eva grip is more comfortable,long-term use is not exhausted.


+ Brand name:LINNHUE

+ Gear Ratio: 8.1:1

+ Max drag: 8kg

+ Weight: 222g

+ Spool weight:

Shallow spool:17g

Deep spool:20g

+ Gift: 6pcs fishing hook

Line Capacity(mm-M):

+ BS2000(deep spool):


+ BS2000(shallow spool):


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