Cervical Neck Traction Massage Pillow

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Cervical Neck Traction Massage Pillow for Pain Relief

The Neck Bed, Cervical Traction Massage Pillow is a versatile Orthotic that is great for a variety of relaxation techniques, exercises and stretches that assist to restore and recover problematic soft tissues in the neck. Helps to restore issues associated with tension & stress which includes headache, cervical syndrome, tension at the base of the skull (such as knotted muscles) and TMJ with just 15-25 minutes of use per day

*Material: Polyurethane High Density Memory Foam (Washable)

Innovative gravity shiatsu massage therapy, get yourself a cervical therapist at home!

  1. Neck traction massage: Put the neck traction pillow on a flat (non-slippery) surface and naturally lay down on it to relax the neck; the natural head gravity can be used for stretching, the two nodes can be used for neck massage.
  2. Neck muscle tension relief: Place the cervical traction pillow at the back of your neck, spine and slightly shake your neck to adjust to a correct and comfortable position, then enjoy the shiatsu massage

**For the first time users, this traction pillow (not for overnight sleeping) may feel uncomfortable/too firm in the beginning, which is 100% normal. Please try for few days, move around and adjust to the comfortable position. It will take FEW DAYS to get comfortable!!**

Simulated Palm Design

Cervical Neck Traction Massage Pillow is designed to simulate palm, as if you were getting an actual massage therapy. Please use the "Massage Bumps" to enjoy the Shiatsu Massage. (Massage Bump will feel as if you were pressing your neck muscle with the thumbs with some pressure)

CAUTION! Please DO NOT treat this as a regular pillow and use it more than 15-25 minutes per session.

ATTENTION! This Neck Traction Stretching Pillow is made out of High Density Memory Form, which means cold temperature (during delivery in-transit, if the package was left outside for long period of time, and etc.) can make this Neck Traction Pillow extra firm upon receipt. If so, please allow some time for the High Density Memory Form to warm down in a room temperature before use.

**Cervical Neck Stretching Pillow is WASHABLE**

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