ABS Roller Strong Load bearing with Push Up Bar

Color: Push Up Bar
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Strong Plastic, PVC Shell, Foam


Wheel diameter 16cm,wheel width 2.5cm

Mat length 34cm,width 17cm, thickness 1cm


1.Two wheel Ab roller set with push-up bar and jump rope is designed for anyone wants to keep fit and shape better figure. Made of strong plastic durable PVC, silence, never damage carpet or wood floor.

2.Excellent Push-up Support & Knee Protecting: The push-up bar of detachable design has anti-slip lines and protective rubber at the bottom. It mounts the ground and won’t slip easily. Push-up bar provides better support when doing push-ups.

3.Adjustable Jump Rope: Cable comes with protective plastic coating to prevent peeling off, make skipping rope wear-resistant and can be used for a long time.

4.Thicker knee pad is made of Foam material for providing extra comfort, gives superior stability for beginners.

Package included:

According to your needs, you can choose different type

Set 1:

1x AB Roller with Mat

1x Push Up Bar

1x Jump Rope

1x Carry Bag

Set 2:

1x AB Roller with Mat

Set 3:

1 Pair Push UP Bars

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